Saturday, 7 March 2009

CONTRIBUTOR: Beat Boy, Beat Girl

The Glamourous - Iain Morrison and Leiza McLeod - channel the spirits of the largely forgotten Beat Girls. Their haunting vocal renditions of these women poets' works bring these long-quiet voices, whose history was repressed by their male peers, back to life in a beautiful and uncanny form.
Let us rewind you through the last fifty years of gender discourse to a confused moment when the enforced divisions of the 2nd world war left everyone wondering what they wanted from their sex identities and how they were going to get it.

The Glamourous draw on their research into the elided women writers of the Beat Generation, tonight re-enacting some of the male v. female wars of words that show clearly what was being fought over in pre-feminist 50’s America. The poems draw elegantly on a long tradition of poetic statement and reply, engaging the males on their own territory and being as in-your-face as they were. Tonight Plan 9 is the ghostly battlefield. Join us, hipsters, as we are possessed by the spirits of the hepcats and cool chics on either side.
Read more on the female Beat writers here:

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